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Compassionate Guidance

Christine offers therapeutic support and resources for the many challenges life may bring, such as:

  • Anxiety, Depression and Grief
  • Life Balance and Stress Management
  • Relationships, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Divorce
  • Sexuality, Sex Education
  • Parenting and Navigating Education
  • Trauma and Abuse 
  • Understanding and Healing Addiction, Co-Dependency and 12-Step Recovery
  • Spirituality and Realizing Your Purpose
  • Health, Eating disorders and Body Image


Authentic living can offer us a life with a greater sense of peace and connection. Authentication is the process of learning how to identify and validate our multidimensional selves.  We are emotional, physical, sexual, mental and spiritual beings. In order to heal one must nurture and intimately realize all aspects of the self.

Healing is the journey of delving into learning from and ultimately releasing our wounds, illusions and unhealthy patterns that cause suffering to ourselves, the relationships we wish to honor, as well as the collective world around us.  My approach as a healing guide and companion derives from decades of various trainings, my spiritual belief systems and practices and of course my own personal healing experiences over my lifetime.  I rely on my intuitive and empathetic strengths as a devoted therapist and teacher aiming to empower others with the knowledge, tools, practices and new perspective to discover the freedom that is possible for all.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, interfaith minister, former certified educator, certified gestalt therapist, EMDR practitioner, reiki practitioner and passionate student and teacher of yoga who has worked in the human service field for almost thirty years.  I co-founded ARC Sacred Center in Monroe, CT where I served as an interfaith minister for 4 years.

Throughout my years of work, I have been blessed to continue to evolve as I pursue greater and deeper connection with my own heart, mind, body and soul while assisting others as they do the same.  My clear passion for Self-realization and healing for myself and others is a calling that inspires and humbles me everyday.




PsychoSpiritual & Traditional Therapy

I accept Connecticare, Oxford and United HealthCare insurances.  For those who wish to use their out-of-network benefits, I will provide a monthly statement for you to submit for reimbursement. My therapy sessions are a blend of psychotherapy, teaching universal spiritual disciplines and values, mindfulness and energetics. I offer a direct approach to discovering one's personal wholeness through the authentic discovery of acceptance, forgiveness and love. Please call with inquiries and to schedule an appointment.



Yoga therapy is a powerful treatment modality that allows us to enter into the physical body through the holding of yoga postures in order to access and release unresolved stored trauma and unprocessed emotions.  These sessions are always handled with great care based on the client’s emotional and physical needs and vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

| Events & Gatherings

Christine leads a number of community opportunities such as personal and spiritual growth book studies, meditation classes, wellness programs and retreats.  All are welcome!



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